It's been requested many times from a lot of people that I talked about the history of our farm so today I've got the legend with me this is my dad Nate he's rarely been seen on the channel and I don't know if you've ever talk to the camera yet I don't think I've ever talked to the camera on your channel and I've been just in the background doing things once in awhile and talking to you or Jim and that's about it more later that he is so we're going to talk a little bit about the history of our farm so our farm was originally homesteaded during the Homestead Act in 1876 AgroCatalog correct 1/4 not where we're living right here but the 1/2 Mile to the south of us is Homestead in 1876 and I don't know the details as good as a sugar as good as I wished I knew him but yeah I do know that the 1/4 is Homestead in 1976 this I believe we believe is the original family right yep I believe they came over from Sweden and then my grandfather would have been the youngest one there John R Johnson and time started the farm and then Grandpa John R took over from him I believe in probably in the mid-1930s or or so he was on the farm before that grew up on the farm but I believe was in the mid-thirties when he took over and he actually bought the